Top DMC in Austin, Texas

If you are looking for the topĀ Austin DMC, look no farther than Innovatx Events. Run by Emily Kratt an award winning event and meeting planner from new york city, it has quickly achieved the top of a very talented pool running events in one of the hottest markets in the country.


Destination Management Companies in Austin Texas

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What is a destination management company anyway? Well, a DMC company provides the local knowledge that companies need if they are planning an event, special production, tours or programs in a specific city.

Say a major fortune 500 company has heard that Austin is one of the coolest new cities in the U.S. and they want to send their executives to a week long retreat to hash out their new U.S. business plan and soak up some of the Hip Austin vibe. Maybe even during SXSW or Formula 1. They probably have an in house meeting planner but she’s never been to Austin before. She doesn’t know what the good restaurants are, where spouses should go shopping or enjoy a spa day. She may read a few blogs for ideas but will never know whether the hot new sushi restaurant with the award winning cocktails can accommodate a party of the size she’s looking for and have room for a dance floor without a lot of calling around.

That is where the DMC comes in. They have extensive contacts around the city and know from past experience which venues work for which events. They can also plan special productions, brand launches provide event staff and take care of hundreds of logistical details and transportation needs for getting everyone to and from the airport on time, and enjoying every minute of their stay.

What is more is that because of their extensive local network, a lot of times they can even get discounted pricing potentially paying for their services or even saving the client money outright.

If you’d like to find out more about DMC’s in Austin or elsewhere, check out this wikipedia DMC article.


Here’s a quick video I like about how destination management companies are evolving to help meet their clients needs.